Board of Directors 
Cheri Parrish
  Board Chair
(Loudon County Schools)

  Evan Bishop
  (Tate & Lyle)

  Tom Bostic
  (Community Volunteer)

Andy Ewing
(Community Volunteer)

  Susan Fox
  (Lenoir City Schools)

  Mary Harding
  (Community Volunteer)

Sally Hester
(Community Volunteer)

  Chelsea Henrikson

  Dick Kolasheski
  (Community Volunteer)

Kevin Mairose
(Tate & Lyle)

  Arial Ruble
  (Tate & Lyle)

  Leon Shields

Martha Westbury

  Sarah Wilkerson
  (Lenoir City Boys & Girls Club)

 Executive Advisory Committee 
  Ruth McQueen
(Community Volunteer)
        Ed Donley
(Community Volunteer)

 How Our Community Views Us 
United Way is a quality, nationally-known organization which has excellent guidelines and principles guiding its contributions on a local level to other people-help organizations. Help people to help themselves!

I want to participate in an organization that does so much to help so many community organizations and volunteers provide help and services to those in need.

Harvey Sproul
United Way of Loudon County 2008 CVO/Attorney

I volunteer because I have been so fortunate in my life and I feel a need to "give back" so that hopefully, the fortunes of some others will be improved.

I support the United Way of Loudon County because I have learned from past experiences that the United Way is one of the very best ways to do that.

Larry Campbell
United Way of Loudon County Board Member/Tellico Village Steering Committee

I support United Way to help those who need assistance.

Feed man a fish and he is full for the day.

Teach a man to fish and he can be full for life.

Steve Geoffrey
Tellico Village Steering Committee

Giving to and volunteering through UWLC is the most efficient and the most effective way to reach the largest number of Loudon County residents. Besides, it just make sense.

Joy Littleton
United Way of Loudon County Board Member

I support United Way of Loudon County particularly because of its emphasis on the health of our community.

Dr. J. Samuel Marcy, MD
United Way of Loudon County Board Member

United Way is a good steward of money maximizing the resources available to assist as many of our citizens as possible - United Way truly exemplifies the "It takes a village" philosophy.

Sharon K. Russell
Program Manager
Senior Citizens Information & Referral Service
East Tennessee 2-1-1

I support United Way of Loudon County because it improves people's lives and makes our community stronger.

Scott Owens
United Way of Loudon County Board Member/Co-Manager Wal-Mart #741

When times are tough and life is hard for our families, United Way is always willing to help. Thanks for being there.

Cindy Lawson
Loudon County Schools
Family Resource Center

As a board member for Loudon County United Way, I have been able to see first hand the good work that the generous donations from the community make possible. I realize that everyone is very busy and we each face our own challenges, however, I would ask that as we each assess our own situations we not forget our neighbors with so much less. If we each give just a little, many important programs across our community can continue to touch the lives of those who need our help the most.

Wayne Miller
United Way of Loudon County Board Member/Superindendent Lenoir City School System

Your United Way contribution goes to work meeting basic needs and creating lasting change right here in Loudon County .....and that's how we live united!

United Way can't do it without you. Please help us as much as you can, not only with your gift, but encouraging others to give as well. Remember the money you give stays in Loudon County to help our own citizens.

Shirley Hall
United Way of Loudon County Board Member/Greenback Resident